Local firm participates at Vision City expo

The National,Friday July 1st, 2016

A LOCAL company that provides gaming services has set up a stall at the Vision City Mega Mall trade expo which allows people to play video games there.
TORO Gaming PNG is one of the 20 businesses showcasing their services and products at the week-long expo which ends on Sunday.
The gaming company started early last year from humble beginnings through the hosting of video game tournaments in Port Moresby according to owner and founder  Henry Torobert.
This later led onto an expansion in its gaming services with the selling of modern video gaming consoles and accessories and the Vision City Trade Expo being the first of such exposure for the new company.
“We want to show our appreciation by giving back to and supporting the wider community through our events and providing an avenue for where Papua New Guineans of all ages can have access to the exciting world of modern video gaming” ToRobert said.
TORO Gaming PNG has received positive feedback from the public at their stall.
“The public were very happy to see what we were doing and had a generally very good reaction to what we’re doing overall with video gaming in PNG.’
ToRobert also felt that the Trade Expo is a great opportunity for business exposure for SMEs such that can use it as learning experience.
“It’s been remarkable learning experience for us.
“We learnt a lot of things about what our customers want and met a lot of new people along the way both in the business world and outside the business world” he said. TORO Gaming provide services that are focused on the PlayStation and X-Box game consoles whilst also dealing with hosting gaming tournaments.