Local food on delegates’ menu

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LOCAL food will be on the menu for delegates for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, says PNG Apec Authority chief executive officer Chris Hawkins.
He told The National that contracted caterers for the meetings had also requested this arrangement.
Hawkins said this was an ideal way to showcase the country.
“We have such a range of local produce from around the country and there is no reason why these cannot be consumed by our visitors,” he said.
“Very importantly, when the delegates come from around the region, they don’t want to eat macaroni and cheese.
“They want to eat Papua New Guinean food such as fish from Daru, mumu from the Highlands and crabs from New Ireland.
“They want to explore the culture and the food of the nation.
“We make sure that all our caterers are aware of that and that they develop menus along those lines.
“The cruise ships P&O Carnival doesn’t want to bring food from Australia, but want to buy food that is grown in Papua New Guinea.
“We are working with them for that to be done.”

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