Local freight company enhances staff skill

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LOCAL freight company Trans Wonderland (TWL) has embarked on an intensive driver, forklift and crane operator assessment and training programme for its employees in preparation for the PNG LNG project.
The board and management of TWL have recognised the importance of providing skilled operators to its clients.
TWL has employed the services of an Australian-certified training organisation, Olpac Training and Consulting.
TWL managing director Larry Andagali said the use of this service ensured that employees were ready to take on the challenge of delivering goods and services to its clients, especially in support of ExxonMobil and its role in the PNG LNG project.
He said more than 70 employees had been assessed to date.
A graduation ceremony was held last week at TWL’s Moro headquarters.
Glen Robertson of Olpac was impressed with the general standard of employees stating that many would comfortably satisfy strict Australian standards.
Of the total assessed and trained, 90% passed the assessment.
The other 10% who did not pass will undergo more on-the-job training and will be assessed again at a later date for their qualification.
During the assessment, five of the senior drivers were identified as candidates to further their training in Australia with Olpac, in a programme to prepare them to be TWL certified trainers.
“This will ensure the availability of high quality, on-going internal training and assessment services for the drivers in TWL continues,” Mr Andagali said.
TWL is a broad-based landowner company with shareholders covering the entire Kutubu and Hides areas.
It has been providing Oil Search Limited with all its transport requirements and has recently joined forces with a major logistics company to coordinate all freight from Lae to the LNG project sites.