Local group cleans up town, educates public

National, Normal

The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 THE name ‘Madang’ was translated into the motto Make A Difference and Never Give-up and now this is the message for more than 3,000 people who are  voluntarily cleaning the town.

A group known as Tropical Gem has been keeping the town clean since last year and has inspired more people to join this year. The group has been attracting public attention for their work.

It began with 200 members last year, doing mind-setting and market networking courses in open door classes and has now enrolled more than 3,000.

They use the Machine Gun Beach front to conduct classes.

Team leader Terence Konda said Tropical Gem was an institute which offered computer, welding and other skills courses.

“We need a facility or a yard to operate. We have computers and other equipment for our courses but do not have shelter to house them.”

Konda said they were conducting mind-setting sessions which aimed to change the way people thought and did things at home and public places.

He said retired public servants, mothers and their babies, elderly people and youths have enrolled.

A student, Simon Mavi said: “I joined Tropical Gem and it changed me. Before I used to drink home brew and I had a no-care attitude. 

“Now I feel that I’ve changed. I just feel ashamed to throw rubbish after we’ve been collecting rubbish from all over the town.” 

Konda said the group usually held morning devotion for an hour and conducted mind-setting sessions from 9am to noon.

“We collect rubbish from all over Madang Urban and use our own money to buy garbage bags,” he said.