Local: Guard Christianity

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The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013


A SENIOR pastor in the Eastern Highlands says PNG must tread carefully when allowing other religions to enter the country. 

Peter Ropra, a senior pastor of the Assemblies of God in charge of the highlands region, said from Goroka the government must make sure no other religion that can impose beliefs contrary to Christianity is allowed into the country.

Ropra said he supported Hela Governor Anderson Agiru’s suggestion in Parliament to pass a law making Christianity the sole religion in PNG.

His concern follows Government’s signing an agreement with Australia allowing asylum seekers to be processed in the country.

“There must be a political will to legislate laws that will make our country a truly Christian country and that will set the foundation for success and prosperity,” he said.

“We must be different if we are  going to advance or make an impact on the world scene. We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated by external forces that promote issues on rights that undermine the very fabric of our Christian beliefs with God’s holy word as the principle guide to our everyday living,” he said.

“We might be deemed as Christian fanatics and radicals but anyone who wants to trade or live with us has to do so on our terms.”

He said Muslim countries expected foreigners to abide by the Koran and Islamic laws. PNG should do the same and make laws to enforce the same as regards Christianity.

“We need more brave leaders like Agiru who can stand up and speak up for Christianity as the principal religion of the country,” he said.