Local helps soldiers

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The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013


AUSTRALIAN soldiers are at Igam Barracks in Lae, sharing skills and cultures through the annual Exercise Pukpuk programme.

The exercise involves engineer battalion soldiers comprising 25 locals and 86 Australians for six weeks.

Lt-Col Mark Keru said the exercise began 12 years ago.

The soldiers were divided into three units and involved in rehabilitation and construction work on the Bravo company dormitory.

Lt Natsen Sawasi said the renovation of the regimental aid-post to become a medical centre should cater for patients in the barracks and 

surrounding communities.

The third unit is assisting communities by building a bridge at Omaru and the decking of the Kamsiling Bridge, outside the barracks.

“It is a bilateral exchange programme. PNGDF soldiers were sent to participate in Army-Aboriginal community assistance programme in Australia,” Sawasi said.

Omaru landowner Tingut Ahi was impressed with the exercise and donated timber for the decking of both bridges.