Local insurance broker inaugurates Lae office

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The National, Monday October 21st, 2013


COMMITMENT and hard work pays off, said the owner and managing director of Kanda International Benn Tikki as he launched his new company office in Lae..

Kanda International is an insurance brokering and risk management company. 

Tikki said that his company started with very little capital but had other qualities that made it grow into what it is now.

“Money is not everything … there are other values in life that make businesses grow,” he said.

“I have realised that commitment and consistency make businesses grow,” Tikki said.

He said that faith in God and hard work had been the driving force behind the success of his company.

Tom Kune, the company’s Lae branch manager, said despite being a 100% locally-owned business, they used the name Kanda International because they acted as agents for international brokers such as Willis, Jardine Lloyds and Thompson (JLT) and Wellsfargo.

“This means that we can take risks and do cover anywhere in the world because of our networks,” he said.

The company has 20 clients that include Shorncliffe, Coastal Freighters, Islands Airways and Michaels, which uses its services in Lae.

“It’s a milestone … we have moved from a house in Sixth Street to a modern office,” Kune said.

Kanda’s Lae office is located on the first floor of the Nambawan Super-owned IPI Building on Second Street, Top Town.

Kanda started in 2003.