Local leader assists church with supplies


SUPPORTING the community by giving generously to help others in need only comes from people who have the heart for others, a community leader says.
Willie Wayne from Butibam in Lae, Morobe, said he had been helping his community in cash and kind towards addressing law and order, women groups, churches and other community initiatives in the past years.
Wayne presented 13 bags of cement to the International Healing Ministries church of Kamkumung on Saturday.
“This is the first bags delivered and I will give seven more to make a total of 20 bags to be donated to the church,” he said.
“I am giving from my heart and I know it is a need for the church to grow to help people with the Word of God.”
Wayne said the church needed to complete its chapel that was why he had help to complete the building.
“The leaders of the church there has a very big vision to put up that church building to conquer people’s hearts to the Lord,” he said.
International Healing Ministries church pastor evangelist Thompson Tony said: “This is how people in the community could help in extending the Kingdom of God to change others’ lives”.
He said the church would work with the police, correctional services and the hospitals to help people who were in need of God’s grace.

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