Local leader condems villagers’ actions

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 18th April 2013


A CLAN leader has condemned the actions of local people in preventing a government team from conducting a feasibility study on the Baiyer River cattle farm in Western Highlands last week.

“It was not the action of the principal landowners,” John Mako of the Pupini clan told The National in Lae.

Mako claimed the people who ordered the government team back to Mt Hagen were from the clans who were not the principal landowners as claimed in the earlier 


According to a 1972 land court document provided by Mako, Pupini is one of nine principal clans which once owned portions 148, 156, 157 and 166 that cover an area of 2,880ha. 

The document identified portions 148, 156 and 157 as state land being purchased with a total of A$4,585 that the Baiyer agriculture station, district office, treasury office and cattle farm now sit on.   

“We, the genuine landowners, welcome the minister’s move to revive the cattle farm because we want service to flow back into the area,” he said.

Mako said the move could be initiated by a group who occupied the farm when it was abandoned by the department of agriculture and livestock in the 1980s.  

“Their demand for K30,000 compensation was paid in February by the assistant district administrator in Mt Hagen. 

“They can’t be demanding another payment,” he said.