Local leaders urged to spend royalty payments on targeted programmes


KAIRUKU–Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo has urged ward members from the Hiri local level government (LLG) to spend royalty payments from the PNG LNG project on targeted programmes.
Nineteen wards in the LLG received K115,000 each paid into their ward accounts as part of the second batch of payments from provincial government for their ward development funds from PNG LNG proceeds.
“Hiri LLG is one of the very fortunate LLGs because of the extra funding that is provided through LNG benefits,” Isoaimo said.
“Spend within ward development programmes and ensure the bulk and majority of our people benefit out of it and get tangible results.”
Central Governor Robert Agarobe said the LLGs needed to get onboard the provincial government’s economic plan. “We need to start being part of an economy to drive our villages, drive our province and drive our country,” he said.
“Every village must be based on an economy, driven by an underlying economic activity.”
According to Agarobe, Central currently had the one crop per district, one crop per farmer, one product per person and home-stay concept in place.
“It’s about revenue coming into the community, you doing something to actually spin over some money,” he said.