Local level government launches firm to maintain services


A LOCAL level government (LLG) in Eastern Highlands has established its civil works company to maintain deteriorating basic infrastructure in its area.
Watabung LLG, Daulo, formally unveiled its new civil works entity in Goroka in a low key gathering of ward members including president Moses Gigmai and deputy president Bire Bire.
Gigmai said from experience Watabung LLG had been wasting a lot of money on hiring contractors for buildings for health facilities, schools, bridges and road maintenance as some had not been completed.
He said the money allocated to Watabung LLG was not enough to cater for services deliveries to every corner of the LLG.
Gigmai said since there were provisions in the law to allow for LLGs to operate businesses, they opted to establish Watabung Building and Construction Ltd to get building and road projects to generate revenue for the LLG.
“Our intention is to generate revenue into the LLG and complete the projects, instead of engaging outside contractors who tend to no complete projects,” he said.
“Experiences has shown us that many times when contractors get paid they don’t complete projects.”
Gigmai said their interest was to get contracts for Watabung LLG and deliver quality products in health, roads and bridges and education, for the benefit of the people.
“Our LLG civil works company will serve the six wards in Watabung who are all shareholders and any proceeds will be equally shared by way of delivering improved services to the people,” he said. Gigmai called on the Government to release
the LLG grants for them to undertake some projects to begin generating money for the new entity.

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