Local makes home-made goods

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

HOMEMADE items such as soap, oil and stock feed can help families save a substantial amount of money, a local producer says.
Gibing Oboko, from Finschhafen in Morobe, said savings were remarkable when considering that he did not have to buy soap, oil, kerosene and stockfeed – all of which he made at home.
He said there was a wide range of raw materials available in the bush and gardens.
“I can train people and empower them with theory and practical knowledge of how to prepare materials and put them together for the end products,” Oboko said.
He said he was a Grade 6 school leaver but he went to an agricultural school and learnt the basics.
“I am interested to share my knowledge so I have registered with Integrated Life Skills Centre through IPA (Investment Promotions Authority) and I’ve written training manuals to help people produce things,” he said.
Oboko said the government should help him so that he could provide training to disadvantaged people. He said the government had been preaching about downstream processing but nothing had been done about it.
“If we want PNG to be independent, then let’s do things for ourselves instead of importing.
“People without formal education could succeed if they produce and sell local goods.”