Local man helps tribes

Highlands, Normal

The National –Wednesday, January 5, 2011

 MORE than 20,000 people from Kofena, in Eastern Highlands can now register their association and benefit from the 

carbon trading programme.

Their registration payment towards the international organisation, responsible for carbon trade exchange programme was made possible by a presentation of K5,000 by Timothy Gena, a local from the Watabung area.

The Kofena people, who lost more than 70 men in a tribal warfare that spanned more than 20 years until peace was brought in 2007, were told in no uncertain terms that their joint tribal initiative to venture into carbon trade programme, rather than killing each other was a positive approach.

Gena said he was obliged towards assisting a genuine and worthy cause that would benefit everyone from the area.

He said people normally sought financial or material assistance without firstly establishing whatever project they wanted to do, however, in Kofena, they did everything required of the carbon trade programme. 

It was only the registration of their association that Gena felt inclined to assist as a local son from the district.

Andaho clansman said the Kofena people were promised by their local MP and member for Daulo Kondo Patrick to assist them with a K50,000 contribution two years ago but had let them down by his false promises.

“Our MP lied to us and we waited too long without any results, we don’t need his money because now we are able to register,” a clansman from the Andaho clan in Kofena said.