Local music ‘can be tourist attraction’


THE fastest way to attract international tourist into the country is through Papua New Guinea’s local music, says local musician Patti Potts Doi.
“Tourists can use our local music to identify Papua New Guinea as their travel destination,” he said.
“When they listen to a unique sound or music, they will want to know where exactly the music or song comes from.
“In doing so they will come into the country to explore and know much more about the place, the people and the language.”
Doi said PNG has its own songs which was our cultural identity and people from other countries would like to hear more about PNG’s traditional music and visit the country.
He said there also had to be help from the government to look for ways to promote PNG traditional music and protect the artists.
“To help protect PNG artists there has to be an association that is supported by the government,” he said.
“All the people that are in this association should be paid public servants that are supported by the government to help run the music industry.
“Individuals cannot form and run music association or industry because they only want to make money for themselves.
“Currently the government sees the music industry as an infant industry and does not fully support it”.

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