Local ties good enough: Toroama

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BOUGAINVILLE’S President-elect Ishmael Toroama says it’s needless to look outside the country for diplomatic relations as his government’s ties with PNG have never been stronger. Such was the confidence on both sides of their relations, he said.
“The very first and foremost signatory on the peace agreement was the Government of PNG, we will have this consultation and together we will agree to whoever that can come in terms of power when I ask the national government, and then we can decide,’’ Toroama said.
“I am convinced of the relationship, the confidence is there. It’s just a way of pushing the process in the interest of my leadership and PM’s leadership.
“We will break the ice – that’s my confidence in the consultation.
“After the 98 per cent votes, it has been exciting and interesting for everyone to be part and parcel of every decision we take on board. “With the minister (of Bougainville Affairs), I am glad to be rubbing shoulders hand-in-hand and working together towards whatever we decide for my people.”


  • Thanks President Elect, Ismael Toroama, you need The Good Lord & PNG government for any peace agreement going forward for the good of Bougainvillea future… Your statements are Saluted.

  • Well stated!! Brighter future seen here. PNG government needs to provide better guidance to our black brothers who are now thinking of surviving on their own. A father cannot let his son take the unseen journey on his own.

  • I congratulate the President Toaroama on his swearing in as President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. Mr President, know your sense of history and work hard to make sure that the whole process really works for the good of all parties currently as signatory to the Bougainville Peace Agreement. Similarly, Prime Minister James Marape is perhaps the most hard-working and conciliatory Prime Minister that PNG has had so far since independence in 1975.
    Prime Minister Marape will need to work extra harder on this process because not all PNG Citizens would like to see Bougainville gain independence. We are one united country so let’s see what happens and let the hard work begin!

  • The PNG Government should let the Bougainville people live their own lives as the majority voted for independence. There is not sense in holding them back against their wishes. They felt they would be better off without PNG so let them find peace!

  • Manu Pawaii, bata please next time don’t call people by colour, just say Bougainvillians or AROB. PNG too umi black, yellow, red, white na brown pulap.

    Otherwise, appreciate your nice comment to the Leader.

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