Local: Use cops at boom gates

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The National, Friday 7th June 2013


SECURITY guards manning the boom gates must be replaced by police officers and new strategies implemented to stop alcohol smuggling, a local level government president says.

Poroma LLG president Andrew Kirr told The National that despite the increase in boom gates, alcohol was still being smuggled into Southern Highlands through the Kaupena and Tambul Road.

“The boom gates are manned by locals and they would do their work honestly if they are given some form of allowances,” he said.

He said police must be properly funded so that work would be carried out effectively.

The liquor ban in the province was implemented by former Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru.

“Liquor is sold publicly at K10 per bottle, 250ml OP at K70 and homebrew is sold at K15,” he said.

He said people involved in this illegal sale were getting more money than those sweating their guts doing an honest job.

He also supported chairman of Chamber of Commerce Berry Mini’s idea to have the liquor ban lifted. 

He said “if we fail to come up with good plans to tighten up security, then we better lift the liquor ban policy and find ways to control the consumption of it”.