Locals angry over ‘illegal’ gardening

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013


LOCALS along the 9-Mile to Nadzab Highlands Highway corridor in the Wampar LLG area of Huon-Gulf in Morobe are angry over squatter settlers gardening on their land without permission. 

Warill clan leader Bob Sagaling, from Yalu village, warned that to continue this practice would only bring misery on them, their families and properties.

“That is a breach of agreement between settlers and landowners and is trespassing,” Sagaling said.

Sagaling was riled after learning that some settlers claiming ownership to certain land portions between 9-Mile and Yalu Bridge after using it for gardening without Warill’s clan’s consent.

“How could you being allowed as a settler, use someone else’s land for gardening without the responsible clan’s consent and later claim authority? 

“That is illogical and even unethical in our matrilineal and patrilineal society. 

“Such unethical attitude and conduct without respect to someone’s property could create major issues.”

Sagaling challenged the Morobe provincial government to look into mortgage land issues of Bewapi (portion 27), Abunaka plantation (portion 2013) and Buambub (portions 408 and 410) for agricultural and business leases respectively.