Locals’ commitment praised


HENGANOFI MP Robert Atiyafa praised the people of Dunatina in the Henganofi, Eastern Highlands for giving away properties and crops for the maintenance of the Dunatina highway.
The highway starts at the Kugumo section of the Highlands Highway in Henganofi and connects the Madang-Ramu Highway at Dumpu, Madang.
“My people of Dunantina valley have shown maturity and understanding of the importance of roads and bridges by not demanding any compensation, unlike in other places,” he said.
“They gave away their gardens, coffee trees, plants and even their houses or homes to be destroyed in the name of good road and bridges,” Atiyafa said.
He said the road would create an additional route to Madang and Morobe; people from Eastern Highlands and upper Highlands can have easier access and shortest travel time.
“The Government under its ‘Connect PNG’ concept will build a highway from Madang to Sepik.
“This route would serve as an important access road,” he said.
The first 20km of the highway from Kugumo to Kesevaka was done.
He said excavation work would continue towards Ramu and another set of machines and operators would work towards connecting the Barola Mountain section of the highway.
Ungai-Bena MP Benny Allan expressed satisfaction over what Atiyafa had done, allowing people easier access to the main highway so they would sell garden produce.

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