Locals happy with reduced crime rate

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The National, Thursday 28th March 2013


LOCALS have praised the work of a magistrate in Hela for helping cut down the crime rate.

Hela district court magistrate Vincent Linge had worked with the police to deal with law and order problems in the province.

Former Pi-Nakia councillor Kiru Olape said in the past the absence of a district court magistrate gave too much freedom to law breakers which increased law and order problems.

He said Linge respected the community and people were pleased with what he was doing.

He said tribal fights in Hela had stopped and major crimes had declined. It meant that Hela had changed since the formation of the new province and the arrival of the magistrate.

In addition, he called on Hela provincial police commander Supt Jimmy Onopia to arrest people carrying weapons and roaming around town.

“When we have the district court magistrate in place and the police force performing their duty to curb the increasing law and order problems, we must respect our new province and work together to maintain peace in our communities,” Olape said.