Locals launch agro project

National, Normal

The National, Monday 6th May 2013


Three communities with in the Passam area of Wewak Rural LLG in Wewak district, East Sepik, are moving into agro-forest integrated projects.

The Hucinco Pacific Company was launched last Thursday at Passam No.3 village. Officers from the provincial lands, agriculture and livestock, and forestry, district administrator Ricky Wabar and Wewak rural LLG president Francis Hevu attended.

The project was later launched by Hevu in the afternoon.

According to the Hucinco Pacific Company chairman Benny Poroma, the project is in line with the government’s Vision 2050.

Poroma told more than 400 people at the launching ceremony that, the project had now come to reality because of the contributions made by the entire communities of Passam.

He said they have already registered the company with Investment Promotion Authority and have been issued a registration certificate.

The project would be focusing on: 

l Timber;

l Cocoa production;

l Betel nut; and 

l Eaglewood.

Poroma said that first grade timber are for selling, while the second grade would be given to the local communities within the area to be used to build decent permanent houses.

“We will be looking into cocoa production as we want all the villagers to involve in the cocoa production,” Poroma said.   

He added that betel nut is now a cash crop, therefore, villagers were encouraged to plant betel nut seedlings and for Eaglewood was a cash crop that was in demand in the world market today.

He said they are more likely to concentrate on these four cash crops. 

Wewak Rural LLG President Francis Hevu congratulated the Passam community for initiating such a project.

Hevu told the gathering that, they were now the role model with the agro-forest integrated project.

“This project will be benefiting the communities within the Passam area, Wewak Rural LLG as well as Wewak district as a whole,” Hevu said. 

Hevu encouraged the people to work the land, saying they did not have to wait for government free handouts as there were no such things as free handouts.

He said his office at the Wewak Rural LLG will be supporting the project.

He urged the people to work together with the Chairman Poroma to push the project forward.

“I am calling onto all the customary land groups to worker together to register your land and get the title as it is very important,” says Hevu.

Hevu told the people that, investors would be more interested to come and invest if all the customary lands were registered.

The launching programme ended on a high note with traditional and creative dances.