Locals need services

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014


PEOPLE in five ward areas of Papuan Waria, in the Sohe district of Northern, have been yearning for basic services over the last 30 years.

Public servants, including the council president, no longer exist at the Kira local level government station.

The villages in the five wards include Pepeware, Agotame, Gobe, Yema, Tube, Upupuro, Kira, Bakadu, Gimine, Owasupu and Konoma.

Ward one (Pepeware-Agotame) councillor Suena Dimase said the areas had yet to feel and see the real meaning of development.

“We remain without road network and health posts resulting in all our children not being immunised. We have schools with bush material classrooms and without teachers,” Dimase said.

“Without public servants at Kira LLG station, I wonder how and who will enhance our ward plan, village court and dispute settlement committees and community-based constable”.

“I paid K200 one way to Popondetta to attend our swearing-in and induction and returned instead of the event being held at Kira station,” Dimase said.

The only three public servants currently at Kira station are Gaweho Uni and Mark Zenausi (teachers) and Birori Pai (health worker). 

Meanwhile ward two (Gobe, Yema, Tube) councillor Woiwa Paso said that Sohe district and the Oro provincial government should assist swiftly when disaster strike.

“However, many times we travel to Morobe and to Lae for health, education and other services.

“Otherwise, standard of our education facilities, materials, inadequate teachers and illiteracy rate is an issue complemented by non-availability of road, communication and transport problems,” Paso said.