Locals queries mine’s license


I WRITE on behalf of the advocacy group Misiman Voices (MV).
We advocate and raise awareness using rights and process tools.
We are on Facebook, doing outreach online.
Misima Island in Milne Bay has a long history of mining dating back to the 1830s.
The island has a total land mass close to 215km squared.
It is about 600km north east of Port Moresby.
Misimans back then were described by anthropologists as “war like but civilised”.
The influence of the modern civilisation results with the mine legacy continuing on a large scale like never before.
The recent one being the Placer Dome mine operated from 1990 to 2004.
Misima still has outstanding past mine issues to resolve as well.
With the current exploration and drilling resuming again by Kingston Resources Ltd (KSN), against the wishes of our people, MV is out to break free the shackles of isolation, silence and domination on our people.
The exploration and drilling cover a total of 186km squared which is about 86 per cent of the total island land mass!
Surely, we will be experiencing displacement, relocation and village hamlets as well.
We do not want to see another Woodlark experience.
What is KSN really doing on Misima Island?
Are they legally authorised to be on our island?
How did they get the exploration license EL1747?
From our research, we discovered that the license is registered to a Galipoli Ltd.
KSN has allegedly gone public on mining forums that it owns 100 per cent of Misima.
All we know, KSN is a small stock exchange mine company. We call them a 17 cents company, alleging that there is a conspiracy in the issuing of the exploration license.
The regulator, Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), has to come clear how the exploration license, EL1747, was issued to KSN.
Where are the landowners’ position on this arrangement? Are landowner’s shareholders of EL1747?
MV is now doing a media publicity outreach to advocate and carry out awareness on how the process of exploration and drilling license was approved without consultation with our people on the 52 sub blocks of land.
MV has written a letter last year to the KSN project manager on Misima Island to answer eight explicit questions.
To this day we have not received a response.
We resent the letter and are now amplifying the volume of MV to gain attention for our people through our plan two, media publicity and awareness.
MV is now engaging in a “media war” with KSN and other stakeholders.

David Malea Ealedona,
Misiman Voices (Inc) Interim


  • That’s good. Go for it. Carry out more media publicity and awareness. Don’t let foreigners steal away your God given resources and rights, using Papua New Guinean crooks and betrayers.

  • That is your land and you have the right to be adequately consulted on any development agenda on your land. Grab those local and foreign aliens by the neck and drown them in the sea.

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