Locals want State help

National, Normal

The National, Monday December 16th, 2013

 THE Wampar local level government, in Huon Gulf, and communities along the Nadzab corridor have asked the Government to pay for their incorporated land group registration.

Wampar LLG president Michael Poane, ward councillors and community leaders from the roadside villages met with the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission deputy secretary Isaiah Chillion.

The four-lane K500 million super highway between Lae and Nadzab airport will be built by the Chinese Railway Construction and Engineering Company.

They are clearing 20m on both sides of the two-lane road to cater for the four lanes.

Apart from the settlements and businesses that have sprung up along the highway, traditional land areas of clans from the villages of Munum, Yalu, Nasuapum and Gapsongkec will be affected by the roadside clearance.

Part of the resolution is for the connection of water supply and sewerage for the benefit of the roadside communities and businesses who lack these services.

The meeting concluded that the resolution be facilitated through the Huon Gulf district and the Morobe provincial governments and will be submitted to the National Executive Council for endorsement.

Chillion said landowner groups who applied for ILG certificate and land titles were not individuals but a group of individuals from a clan. Having a land title qualified the ILG to benefit from monetary benefits such as compensation and lease payment of their land.

He said the clan owned the land.