Location for LNG plant convinient, says Emmet


THE Western LNG plans to supply energy into the domestic market through its supply chain, according to Horizon Oil chief executive Brent Emmet, pictured.
He mentioned this at the Papua New Guinea Mining and Petroleum conference in Port Moresby yesterday when giving an overview on the importance it placed on the province it operated in and how to lessen dependency on imported commodities.
Emmet said the location of the planned LNG plant near Daru Island would make it convenient to supply the largest LNG market – the Asian region.
“The foundation fuels will be brought to a northern processing hub for the separation of gas and condensate before being piped 500 kilometers to an LNG plant near Daru Island,” he said.
“The LNG condensate and the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) will be available for sale from the storage facilities at the liquefied petroleum gas plant.
“And it is certainly the intention to make these products available to Papua New Guinea-based customers, displacing commodities that are currently being imported.
“Penetration of electrification for the community and local industrial customers in the province is non-existent and I believe that our project can make good inroads in terms of turning this around.