Lockdown commended


I COMMEND the Government for putting in place measures to stop and control the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).
It is very important that we bring God into the picture and acknowledge that even without His help and protection, what we have done cannot guarantee us 100 per cent protection.
The word of God has a lot to say about God’s divine protection upon His children, especially in the book of Psalms in chapters 23 and 91.
As His children, we have faith in His promises and we are certain that He will not let anything happen to us that will destroy us.
Unless of course we are living and doing things that are against His laws and principles. The Government should take into account before making any laws, what God’s Word says about certain aspects of the human person and the laws that He had put in place for the good of the human being.
It should not make laws that are against God’s laws because it is a human rights issue or for political correctness.
As a Christian country, it is imperative that our law makers refer to God’s Word prior to making laws dealing with moral issues.
Ignorantly making laws concerning moral issues without consulting God’s Word can be very catastrophic as a nation. We say no to all that God says no to and yes to all that God says yes to.
The Government should make a law that before lawmakers make laws regarding issues of morality, they must refer to God’s Word to guide them in their decision making.

Pastor Peter Ropra,
AOG Highlands Regional Superintendent

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