Lockdown not taken seriously


IN this lockdown period, the movement of people in the capital city shows that people are either not properly informed or they are just being ignorant.
The Government and provincial authorities should organise awareness in cities and towns for the benefit of those who cannot afford newspapers, television or have access to the internet.
If possible, show them how people are dying from Covid-19 in other countries because the seriousness of this pandemic cannot be seen from the way people are moving around.
I do not know about other towns but one would expect the streets of Port Moresby to be flooded with authorities going around making public announcements and awareness.
But that has not been happening. The key to avoiding any form of disease is knowing how it spreads.
The need to access essential goods and services can be understood but the unnecessary movement of people is an eyesore.
It is clear that we do not have the medical capacity to deal with the pandemic, therefor, the least we can do is just listen to instruction and stay at home.
Only go out if you really have to.
It is also clear that staying at home limits the chances of getting infected in the event of a potential outbreak.
The attitude of acting like we are immune to almost anything should stop now.
We can call our leaders and politicians names any other time but we have to understand now that their appeal for us to stay home is out of genuine concern for us.

Frustrated resident,