Lodge owner bans alcohol

The National,Friday June 17th, 2016

THE owner of  a lodge in Jiwaka has decided not to sell alcohol because alcohol-related problems have become a very serious threat to business houses and the community.
Gibson Yuants who owns Molka Lodge in Minj cleared all his stocks of alcoholic beverages last week.
Molka Lodge is a popular lodge in the province and the highlands region.
Yuants says Molka provides accommodation and other facilities and entertainment services but alcohol has become a major concern.
He says he used to make “heaps of money” from the sale of alcohol because the lodge was located just along the Highlands Highway.
“I’m sacrificing to stop the sale of alcohol because people are not behaving when under the influence of alcohol.
“I have been dealing with drunkards all my life and this time I have decided to find a solution and that is to completely stop the sale of alcohol,” he said.
He says nowadays people under the influence of alcohol behaved in a very disorderly manner.
“Molka Lodge will only provide accommodation, conferences center and other services but it won’t sell alcohol.”
He said what he was doing would to save the community and society from alcohol-related problems.