Log export development levy for projects: Amos

The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

THE log export development levy (LEDL) is for projects in the districts and not for landowners, Papua New Guinea Forest Authority acting managing director Goodwill Amos says.
Amoswas responding to claims by landowners in Northern that the levy was not benefiting the people affected by the logging development.
He said the levy would not be given directly to the landowners as previously done.
He said the landowner companies had their own royalties and levies but the log export development levy was a Government initiative to boost district development.
“Previously the money was paid directly to the landowner companies account when they submitted proposals but there has not been any tangible development,” Amos said.
He said National Executive Council had made the decision to pay the money directly to the district treasury.
“The NEC in its wisdom decided that the money is paid directly to the district treasury.
“That’s where the committee puts the money according to the priorities.
“We decided that it’s best for the LEDL to be given to the districts so that there is a committee there that decides on the budget.”
Amos said the Minister for Youth, Religion and Community Development Delilah Gore was doing the right thing for the people by organising infrastructure development.
“If they do not want logging operations, then it’s their choice. But they have to build it into their provincial forest plans.
“They don’t want logging and they decide what they want to do but normally we get the blame that we are pushing them.”