Loko: We can do it in 2012

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The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

THE 2012 Digicel Cup season is the season for the Enga Mioks regardless of the 26-6 loss to the Agmark Gurias in Kokopo, according to skipper David Loko.
Loko was speaking during a stop-over in the capital city enroute home on Monday afternoon.
Assistant coach Timothy Lepa also threw his support behind his skipper.
“This is the year, and we are going to put everything into our preparations for this weekend’s game against Mendi Muruks. We came close over the last four years, so we are confident that this is the year,” Lepa said.
Both men agreed that defence and poor options were the Mioks biggest failure in Kokopo.
Lepa paid tribute to an outstanding performance by the Gurias in front of their home crowd.
“Their quick defence didn’t give our attack time to move so it resulted in plenty poor options by the team.
“They were also very quick in attack so our tackle delay tactics did not do much.
They stuck to their game plan and we didn’t.
“We are going to go home and polish up our structure, our defence and we are going to put our best team together for the Mendi Muruks.
They are three-time champions and we have respect for their ability,” Lepa said.
“It’s semi-final football so this weekend will be strong.
“We have to regroup quickly as a team and get ready.
“We have the experience to do it now,” Mioks captain Loko added to Lepa’s sentiments.
Preparations this week may go without lock Danny Patrick after he suffered a serious shoulder injury in Kokopo, that has all but ruled him out for the season.