Loncie owes Mum everything


THROUGH hard work, constant prayers and countless advices from her parents, Loncie Wadau is now enrolling as a political science student at the University of PNG.
It’s hard to take the smile away from her face when relating how she felt when she was accepted to study political science at UPNG
“I was very happy and excited since it’s going to be interesting to see new places, meet new friends and to experience a new system of studying.”
Loncie’s parents are from Madang and Goroka. She was born on Nov 23, 2002, the eldest in a family of four – two boys and two girls who are all in school.
She completed Grade 12 at the Goroka Secondary School last year and was selected to pursue the political science degree.
Loncie is proud of what she has achieved so far and ready to take on new challenges that come her way.
“I’m very excited and happy. I’m willing to do anything and everything just to make my mum, siblings and my family proud.”
Loncie was raised by her mother Jenner Figo, a primary school teacher at Okipa Primary in Eastern Highlands where she hails from.
It was her mother who inspired her to study hard, set priorities, manage time, have faith in herself and put God first in everything she did.
“My mum taught me a lot of things and she is the reason behind where I’m today. She taught me to put God first which has been very helpful in my life.”
Attending church services kept Loncie self-centered, focused on her future, disciplined and not allowing herself to be distracted by peer pressure.

“ My mum taught me a lot of things and she is the reason behind where I’m today. She taught me to put God first which is very helpful in my life.”

“That’s life. You can have friends but you have to manage your time. Self-discipline is very important to me.
“So God first, self-discipline, family and friends. Nothing wrong with having fun with friends but only at the right time and there should be a limit.”
One thing that kept her motivated through school is her desire and willingness to study hard.
Loncie has a positive mental attitude and is careful with the friends she hangs out with.
She continues to remind herself to be disciplined and responsible.
“I’m not going to let my family down and I’ll be disciplined here (at UPNG) as I will be enjoying more personal freedom.”
She started her education at Kama Primary in Goroka in 2009, then attended Goroka Secondary in 2016.
She chooses political science because of her interest in politics and wants to eventually become a leader who will have a say in national development and progress.
She comes from a Seventh-Day Adventist church family and respects the principles and values she is taught. She is faithful to what the church teaches her.
“Being brought up by one parent was not easy. Mum had to struggle and saved whatever she got from her salary to help me and my siblings.”
Loncie wants to make her mum proud when she watches her during the graduation ceremony in four years’ time walking up to receive her Bachelor in Political Sciences degree.
“I have broken her heart many times and now want to study harder to make her a proud mother.”