How long are we going to wait?


I wish to express my views regarding the progress of the K250 million Government-funded national identification (NID) project.
So far 300,000-plus ID cards and birth certificates have been processed.
Many more application forms are piling up in the branch offices nationwide waiting to be processed.
We enquired several times at the Kundiawa branch office for ID card and birth certificate collection.
The officers repeatedly say, “sorry system down, come check next week”.
It’s almost six weeks of waiting now.  We have been told that there was a technical problem with the ID processing unit or IT system.
So how long are we going to wait?
Who is going to fix the system?
It’s frustrating to see such important Government services lacking efficiency.
We appeal to the management responsible to get IT specialists to restore the system.
We all have to prioritise our delegated duties.

Mond Waine
Dimbe village, Chimbu

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