Long-serving board member prompts move for Kokoda review


THE Government will look into the appointments of the board and chief executive for the Kokoda Track Authority (KTA), Inter-Government Relations Minister Kevin Isifu says.
Sohe MP Henry Amuli asked in Parliament on Tuesday how one board member and chief executive had served the authority for almost 11 years without a review.
Amuli said since the establishment of KTA, the first board and the first management served for three terms.
“After three terms, we have a new board and a new CEO,” he said.
“Until today, it goes into the 11th year and I am not sure if there are terms and contracts for CEOs and boards on how many years they are supposed to be serving.
“For a three-year term or five years or 15 years, that is something we are not aware of and it is now becoming a big issue for the Kokoda Track landowners.”
Isifu said KTA was like other special purpose authorities established around the country.
“These authorities are established in local level governments to ensure the local people received maximum benefits of a project or programmes the government initiates and it comes under my ministry,” he said.
“But regarding KTA, there are some issues existing and I am aware of them.
“I will try to get full information on the status of KTA and the issues and I will respond in due course.
“But normally, the term of board and executives of authorities lasts for only three years and new appointments are made.
“So we will look into this issue on the appointments of KTA boards and the CEO.”