Long wait for FMDC to pay dividends

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013

 IN the 2007 election campaign, one of Theodore Zurenuoc’s aims was to remove the handout mentality.

Since being elected into Parliament, his people are still struggling. 

If he is a true leader of Finschhafen, can he or-ganise the so-called di-rectors of Finschhafen Marketing Development Cooperative (FMDC) to pay our dividends as soon as possible? 

The shareholders have not been paid anything. 

Where is all the money?

One way of fulfilling his election campaign “het tok” is to fix FMDC during his leadership. 

Those directors must come out and explain the financial status and assets to shareholders. 

Please do something as an elected leader and fulfil what has been stated in the 2007 campaign for prosperity.

Freddy Sifumac, Via Email