Long wait for Kagua Erave


IT has almost been a year since the general election and by now most, or almost over 80 per cent, of the electorates and districts have confirmed their district administration and CEO.
Yet for remote Kagua Erave in Southern Highlands, no appointments has yet been made.
The former CEO has taken up residence in Port Moresby with the MP and it seems that he is operating in an acting position from the nation’s capital.
Member Wesley Raminai should make public his appointment of the CEO and district administration officers.
Your ground-breaking ceremony at Kagua some time back to develop a five-year development plan for the district is still pending.
While other districts in the province have established their CEO and working committees and are seen to be progressing with development aspects, we seem to be in a ‘wait and see’ situation.
How long are we going to wait for?

Woodman of Kagua

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