Look after govt services


FOR a community to change or progress, community members should become agents of change.
They should take care of government services in their electorates.
For the people of North Waghi, they are fortunate to have elected the current MP Dr Fabian Pok.
This is because during his first term in parliament after the 1997 national general election victory, he embarked on several vital projects in which a number of them became significant landmark projects in the district.
The projects include the construction and setup of Banz district headquarters, the Dumbola Health Centre and staff houses and the establishment of Singirok Barracks at Kerowil.
The rural electrification project from Koswa to Dona, telephone satellite installation at Nondugul station, Senglap Binz-Eminz water supply and other small projects and maintenance of all feeder roads by a newly-purchased caterpillar D8 grader are some of the projects initiated by Dr Pok.
In terms of the roofing iron sheets distribution, everybody in North Waghi got their share.
Dr Pok embarked on a project where every household received a cost-free solar power that were provided with inverters, regulators, batteries, lights, connections and other fittings.
The people of North Waghi need to change their mentality and look after the goods and services that were provided to them.
Dr Pok won’t come and live under your roof.
He won’t come and use the solar light or charge his phone from your solar power.
If you intend to sell the roofing iron or solar panels for quick money, then you better save your coffee money to buy roofing iron and solar panels.
People cry for services, but when they get them, they don’t use them wisely.
This needs to stop.

Nongoi Emil Dam