Look after your health: Bishop


A CATHOLIC bishop has encouraged Christians, especially expecting mothers, to look after their health heading into the Christmas period.
Bishop of Kundiawa Paul Sundu said in his homily at Dirima Parish on Nov 28 that the advent period before Christmas was a time for the faithful to maintain holiness and prepare to receive Jesus.
He said Jesus came to Christians through the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist in the mass and through His teachings captured in the Gospel and the sacraments.
Bishop Sundu said during this time of advent Catholics needed to repent to cleanse themselves and reflect on Jesus as they prepared to celebrate His birth.
He urged Christians not to spoil their celebrations and reflections with drunkenness and excess, but instead, choose solemn activities such as sharing with family and fellow Christians about Jesus.
“During the three weeks leading to Christmas, let us keep our hearts holy and illuminate our spirituality for Jesus to come to us,” Bishop Sundu said.
He said the church had called on the faithful to follow the Gospel in their lives.
Bishop Sundu said the theme of the advent period was “Salt and light; church and society” and urged Catholics to “know, write and preach the Gospel”.
Bishop Sundu was in Dirima Parish as part of his pastoral visit as the parish priest Fr Peter Kim (SVD) had was on long leave in his native South Korea.