Look after your health, education adviser reminds teachers


WITH school starting in three weeks, Morobe education adviser Keith Tangui is reminding teachers to take care of their health.
He said of the 28 teachers Morobe lost last year, five died of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).
Districts, schools and the province collected last month a total of K10,000 to repatriate 11 bodies of teachers to their home provinces.
Tangui said 12 were repatriated earlier in the year and five would be repatriated this year.
“This is a big number and a very expensive exercise as well,” Tangui said.
He said apart from Covid-19, heart attack was another cause of death.
“To be able to teach another human being, we must first look after ourselves – what we eat, drink and our personal hygiene,” he said.
“All should adhere to Covid-19 protocols.
“Personal health is very important but we take it too lightly.
“We must be serious about this.”
Tangui said two provincial school inspectors also died from the Covid-19.
Teachers are expected to resume duties on Jan 24 while classes are to resume on Jan 31.