Look at corruption in private institutions


THIS letter aims to pinpoint areas of corruption in the private education sector, colleges and training institutions in Papua New Guinea.
Currently, new training institutions are popping up as mushrooms all over the country. Many private colleges cannot offer accredited courses and provide skills to students who can find jobs after graduating with a certificate or diploma.
Being out of direct supervision of such institutions by the National Training Council (NTC) makes many of such private colleges and institutions prone to corruption and profit-oriented.
It is evident that non-accredited courses offered are unethical and corrupt in many regards.
Community health worker course should be approved by the Health Department and not NTC.
Other courses such as aircraft engineering are complicated courses and institutions should have the best facilities to facilitate this course.
Such institutions are found to be exposed to injustices and exploitations in many respects, but NTC isn’t doing anything about it.

Benjamin Takiseng,
GBTI-Goroka Base