Look for missing scientist, state told

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The National, Wednesday 11th January 2012

PUBLIC Employees Association president Michael Malabag has renewed calls to step up investigations by involving the Defence Force into the missing scientists in West New Britain.
Malabag said the disappearance of the eight scientists from the PNG Medical Institute in Goroka remained a mystery with grieving family members still awaiting word of their fate.
He said police had stopped investigations due to the lack of funds which was of grave concern as to why government has not allocated adequate funding to it.
“Members of the families are grieving over their loved ones while factions in government are fighting over political power with no regard for the lives of ordinary Papua New Guineans.”
Malabag said the government should adequately fund police operations and that the K150,000 for operations is not adequate.
He said the government had recently allocated millions of kina for Operation Sweep investigating use of government funds but could not put money into protecting simple people of the country.
“If the government can fund Sweep task force then must fund the investigations into the missing scientists and arrest the culprits involved.”
He urged the government to fund police to revisit their investigations and also to involve the Defence Force to go into the area to find the criminals involved.