Look into alleged corruption at MVIL


ALTHOUGH stringent measures have been put in place to curb fraud and abuse within the Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd (MVIL), there seem to be a lot of loopholes paving the way for a lot of corruption and rot within the MVIL establishments.
We have heard so much about motor vehicle insurance corrupt scandals in its investments endeavours overseas and within PNG. Chronic abuses and malpractices are occurring at the top management level.
Senior executives have been implicated in their irresponsible actions.
Corruption is rampant right throughout MVIL establishments and one of those is MVIL’s Kavieng office.
A couple of reports have been sent to the management at MVIL headquarters but their investigations have not eventuated.
I believe the reason for the delay in investigations is because the management is having a prejudiced opinion on the matter.

Frustrated @ Kavieng


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