Look into incomplete police barracks


LAST week’s coverage by The National on the delayed police investigations into the incomplete K18 million Yangoru Police Barracks is of immense public interest, given the escalating law and order along the stretch of the Sepik Highway.
It is public knowledge that a sum of K18 million was locked into under authority to precommit certification issued by the Finance Department in compliance with the Public Finance Management Act to warrant the contract approved by National Executive Council based on Central Supply and Tenders Board (now National Procurement Commission) recommendation and executed by the head of state.
Anyone who allegedly diverted funds or authorised advance payments to the contractor without following payment schedule of 20 per cent upfront for mobilisation and render payment on progressive work without leaving a retention of 10 per cent for defects liability after completion will have a lot of explanation to do for this incomplete police barracks.
Investigators need to get a full transaction record on the usage of the K18 million set aside for the barracks.


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