Look into issues affecting Ahi LLG


SOCIAL problems in the ward 5 community in the East-Bukko Ahi local level government in Lae is getting out of hand.
The surge in the production and consumption of homebrew, consumption of marijuana and petty crimes in the settlement has triggered too many problems in the community.
The ward member knows about this, but he hasn’t done anything to address it.
Our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters no longer feel safe to walk around freely in the community as there are many opportunists in the area.
Petty crimes such as bag-snatching and phone-snatching are on the rise.
With regards to community funds, we haven’t seen any tangible services in the community since 2018 after the election.
After the election, a meeting was called for the appointment of the ward development committee with youth, women and church representatives.
Unfortunately, these committees are not functional because of the lack of funding.
Can the Ahi local level government manager, president and the responsible authorities look into this?

Bumbu Citizen,