Look into Kaugere Primary School


CAN the Education Department look into the operations of Kaugere Primary School?
The school’s headmaster/mistress has no control over the movement of its teachers.
Teachers are not attending classes and coming to work very late while others take off early during official school hours.
Majority of the students attending Kaugere Primary School come from the neighbouring suburbs like Sabama, Badili, Joyce Bay and Gabutu and we expect our children to be educated to a standard where they can be able to meet the challenges that lies ahead.
Please send the school inspectors to Kaugere Primary School for inspections.
Kaugere Primary School is one of the oldest primary school in the Moresby South electorate; the school has produced so many educated elites who are employed in different fields of employment.
The schools administration account needs to be audited also.
I’m writing this letter as a very frustrated and disappointed parent because our children education is at stake.

Igiri Mero

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