Look into landowner claims over Kundiawa


SEVERAL questions were asked regarding State land to the Lands and Physical Planning Minister John Rosso during Tuesday’s Parliament sitting. The questions remind me of my four-corner town of Kundiawa in Chimbu.
I am sure my MPs were in that session and have gotten something out of it, especially Kundiawa-Gembogl MP William Onglo and Governor Michael Dua.
Our forefathers bravely offered the land to the missionaries.
When the kiaps came, they gave the land to the Government (currently Kundiawa town).
As the population increased and the economy grew, the town should have changed.
But, there is confusion as there are those who claim to own the land, which is State land.
Their ownership of the land is questionable.
Can our MPs and relevant authorities look into this?

Max Korugl,