Look into Northern’s education division


ONE of the most corrupt provinces in Papua New Guinea is Northern.
All provincial department heads and people who are occupying the offices are not appointed on merit.
This is why the process of carrying out the responsibilities in the province is too slow and development isn’t taking place in the province.
Some of them are grade 10 leavers with vocational school certificates.
The provincial education department is the worst.
Everybody, including the education adviser, doesn’t know his job.
They blame each other for not doing their assigned jobs.
So who are we going to blame?
Is it the Education Department or the Northern education division? Many teachers from other provinces who are teaching in Northern are crying for their entitlements.
It has been an ongoing issue every end of the year.
Teachers have been complaining and still complaining for their leave fares.
When are they going to pay them?
We need the Education Department to step in and investigate the officers in the office.
If it means to fire them, do so.

Tired Chalk Dust,
Ell Kay Tanga