Look into this year’s PNGDF recruitment


IT is good that there is an investigation into the corrupt practices by the recruiting officers of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF).
However, I am concerned as to how the PNGDF is addressing issues with the recent recruitment?
They are reacting to what has happened last year, but not learning from it and trying to stop the rot that goes on within the PNGDF recruitment division by the so-called disciplined officers.
If PNGDF wants to change, start kicking out everyone in the recruitment division, including the senior officers because they have failed PNGDF and don’t deserve to be in the force.
Stop the scam within the force that is happening now in the current recruitment drive while you investigate the previous one.

Concerned Citizen,

One thought on “Look into this year’s PNGDF recruitment

  • It very tru, they have eaten so much money and doing bribry…most of us are qualified but just because we don’t have money that’s why we stay back home.Thanks very much on that, really happy with this..thanks

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