Looking forward to 2021 academic year


THE 2021 academic year has begun and school students, teachers and parents, in fact, everyone looks forward to a year that will be better than the one gone by.
Among the many items on our agenda is the roll out of a Covid-19 vaccine that will enable us to enjoy the freedom to move around, to interact with friends and family and to have a year of spontaneity without a mask, social distancing and sanitisers.
We do hope that Papua New Guinea will not be at the end of the queue and that we will receive the required doses for everyone.
Here are a few pointers for students that should keep us focused in 2021 and help us achieve our best:

  • Routine study habits: Students need to build up a daily routine in their learning habits.
    Through this regular pattern of instruction, they will be able to achieve academic success. It will benefit their academic, social and emotional health;
  • Provide learning environments: Parents need to be consistent to keep their children focused – keep an organised schedule for weekdays and one for weekends with a variety of activities that will stimulate their minds and hearts.

This will benefit one’s personal growth and help with making decisions;

  • Offer clear expectations: Teachers need to offer clear expectations of a schedule and programme and a pace for working with students.
    Students should be able to see themselves advance through the weeks and the months ahead.

This will enable them maximise the support received in right direction;

  • Physical and mental health: All students, teachers, staff and families need to commit themselves personally through a balanced diet and exercise; and,
  • Social-emotional and trauma-informed support for all students.