Looking forward to work with Uguro


PAPUA New Guinea Teachers Association on behalf of 73,000 teachers acknowledge Prime Minister James Marape for appointing Usino-Bundi MP Jimmy Iguro as Education Minister.
Teachers have a lot of outstanding issues to resolve.
The previous minister had no time to discuss issues affecting teachers.
Now that the new minister has vast experiences in education matters and issues, we hope he will be able to give priority to teachers’ issues.
PNGTA found it very difficult to talk to the previous minister and Teaching Service Commission in the last seven months concerning teachers’ issues.
Teachers are committed government officers serving our communities everywhere in the country.
Teachers are the real agents of change and deliverers of government goods and services.
As this year, the Marape-led Government should consider the affairs of teachers such as good wages, risk allowances, leave fares, appointments and tuition-fee free funds for schools.
When teachers are happy, they give their best to teaching and learning.

David Numbaming
National General Secretary

One thought on “Looking forward to work with Uguro

  • PNGTA, just calculate how much you earn per fortnight from the teachers year after year ever since and done nothing. Are we going to get our retirements when finished from PNGTSC?

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