LOs: Review benefits


THE Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML) has contributed K64 billion to the welfare of the country at the expense of the environment, says Mt Fubilan Resource Association executive chairman Joshua David.
He presented the landowners’ position during the Ok Tedi memorandum of agreement review and mine closure update conference yesterday.
David said the review would create changes to benefit the landowners’ livelihood.
“There is only 10 years left before the mine closure and we are concerned that with our geographical location, we will be forgotten and left behind post-mine closure,” David said.
“However, we have the opportunity through this review to ensure that our future is secured while Ok Tedi is in operation.
“Since the initial MoA in 1991, certain undertakings have not been delivered or fulfilled.”
He said the OTML had contributed K64 billion for the benefit of the environment.
“The landowner’s welfare after the mine closure cannot and must not be ignored,” he said.
“Ok Tedi operates on a social licence.
“And the environment damage from Mt Fubilan down to the Fly is big,” he said.
“Considering the life of Ok Tedi after 10 years, what will the future be like for us? None.
“We don’t have any future.”
He said Ok Tedi should be party to the agreement and the provincial government must step up too.
“The agreement is between the State, Fly provincial government and mine lease landowners.
“But we are looking at including OTML. The initial agreement was signed on Jan 9, 1991 and reviewed every five years. In the last 31 years, only two reviews were done in 2004 and 2017. This year’s review will be the third.”

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