Losing faith in Lutheran church

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I REFER to your report “Court: Piso is head bishop” (Dec 10).
As a follower of the Gutnius Lutheran church, I am keen to know what is going on.
If this is a Christian church, then why didn’t they leaders seek guidance from the Holy Spirit?
All the Christian churches in the world are preaching about Jesus Christ.
I feel there is no harmony in the Lutheran church when its leaders are battling in court for leadership.
Let’s look at other Christian churches in how they select their leaders.
One good example is Seventh-Day Adventist church.
I do not see any tussle or disagreement over the leadership.
The appointment of leadership is done according to their church manual.
They ask the Holy Spirit “to interfere” in the selection of the leaders.
Recently, the SDA elected a new president as how it should be done – peacefully and harmoniously.
The outgoing leader and the incoming leader worked together.
I find the SDAs have one thing in common – to spread the word of God.
They are not interested in fighting for power.
When will Lutherans follow suit?
God must choose the leader, not the court.
As a Lutheran, I am beginning to suspect the leaders are working for money instead of feeding the flock with the word of God.
Pastors are power-hungry and I have lost confidence in the church.
It is bad when pastors are fighting each other for leadership.
While they preach about love, patience, respect, humbleness, to be like Jesus, etc, unfortunately, they are not practising what they preach.
I have some questions which I want all those involved in the tussle to answer.
1. Will there be any form of unity and harmony among the leaders and in the church?
2. Can we, the followers, continue to trust our pastors and bishop?
3. Will the pastors and bishop preach the right message and practise what they preach?
4. Is this the sign of new break-away church?
5. If there is a manual that prescribed the guidelines for electing leaders, why not they follow it this instead of having the same bishop over and over?


A Lutheran
Port Moresby